Hawk & Chick Coloring Page

鷹と雛 対イカ怪獣

I enjoy Bob’s as much as Bob and Louise enjoy Hawk & Chick. It’s seen me through some things. I thought maybe I’d join in the quarantine boredom and make a coloring page for the fans. Color away. I give full credit to the artists, creators, and actors of Bob’s Burgers. Oh, and thanks Shinji Kojima. This is the poster Louise had from The Hawkening: Look Who’s Hawking Now from Season 10, Episode 6.

Please don’t use this to sell or make money off of the creators. I just want you to enjoy this for fun and enjoyment. If you want to spend money, go spend it on a charity. I like Five for the Fight. Eugene Mirman and H Jon Benjamin are hosting Friday Charity Instagrams. (Yesterday was WHEDco).

Down with Covid19.